Constellation teams

Inspired by the web, we create Constellations (federated partnership programmes) that turn social, environmental and economic impact into business as usual. Based on evidence, we help deploy capital, humans and machines to address today’s challenges at scale.

Dgen Constellations are a ‘many-parts-loosely-joined’ network comprising dozens of specialists and experts with deep commercial, startup, government and NGO experience who have worked at international, national and local levels.

We bring together dedicated experts to deliver specific outcomes against a fixed deadline and budget.

Unlike a consultancy, we’re not here just to ‘point’. Unlike an agency, we’re not here to retain you as a client beyond our useful impact.

We are here to help achieve a 10x return on investment in social, environmental and economic impacts. We are unashamedly ambitious…and acutely aware of the challenges.

The way we work is similar to the way you’d make a Studio (in a movie you’d pick the script, the budget and the timeline). Working together, we help co-create the script, budget and timeline, hand-pick the team to meet the project needs and deliver. If it doesn’t work, we start again and do it better. If it does work, we start again and do it better. ‘Everyone’ in this context can include freelancers, small and big companies, financiers, cities and governments.

The strategy is (still) delivery.  Our guiding principles are:

  1. Learn by making
  2. Connect, don’t consolidate
  3. Open by default

Gavin Starks (founder)