Branson changes direction

Amazing turnaround from my old employer (I was part of the Virgin Net startup team) …. Today: Last year (almost to the day): This is the scale of change to expect over the coming months and years. The world is changing, but we still have lots to do.

“activist capitalism”

I’ll explain more soon, but just wanted to capture the phrase I’m now using to describe what I think we are building.

Global Cool launches

wow. we did it. we built and launched it on time. to the minute, as they walked off stage… It finally (soft/beta) launched with a couple of “people of fame” (Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth). After years of planning, we ended up getting the funding “weeks” ago and built everything online in 4 weeks from…

Monitoring global temperature with servers

We had a power outage in our area today, taking out our office… (following on from yesterday’s outage in Marylebone that took out Level3 in the UK – in the USA MySpace was also taken out by the heat – this is a little concerning!). One fascinating thing though – the temperature graphs on our…


finally got around to watching the insane, dangerously irresponsible video that is “they call it polution we call it life” the mind boggles (and it’s real More depressingly, they are advocating a level ignorance that I think is criminal. This guy even seems proud to be listed as ‘ one of six “Misleaders

CMBR – MRI/CT scans

Random conversations are great. I’ve been looking at mappings between cosmology and ‘other things’ for several years now. Recent conversations keep orbiting links between psychology, music, perception, spirituality and cosmology … So I was delighted to see at least one example of cross-over research between MRI scanning and CMBR analysis here; Haven’t found the…

Interdependence Day

Interesting event today at the Royal Geographic Society. The only thing missing from the site (and the RGS site!) is the address … so here’s a link to find it.

HT – nearly there… getting closer to Human Tamagochi, but still not quite there….

Appeal for earthquake zone around Yogyakarta.

Via Mark and his remarkable team at Internews Following an assessment mission from Jakarta, Internews is making a public appeal for donations of radio sets to isolated villages in the earthquake zone around Yogyakarta. According to Reuters Alertnet, over 1.5 million people were made homeless by last month’s earthquake, three times the number uprooted by…

“a gathering of video makers, programmers and web producers developing online video distribution as a tool for social justice and media democracy.” it said. it was very good fun. and might just produce some good results….

SoundJunction wins NMA award

The powered SoundJunction just won the “Music” award in the NMA awards I seem to have a knack for turning up/helping some of the “winners” … Playlouder’s Glastonbury webcasts won before.

In response to…. PPL Licensing

In the guardian again, this time with my exequo hat on.,,1766532,00.html Again, it’s not a “bad thing” but an evolution of a licensing framework to try and meet a demand. It may seem a bit slow moving, but it’s progress of sorts.

BBC launches Programme Catalogue

Another step function today on the web… “This experimental catalogue database holds over 900,000 entries” … from the 1920s onwards. This is one of those landmark events that will change the course of broadcasting forever. Hat’s off to everyone on the team! Other commentary: Matt Biddulph Tom Coates

BBC Creative Future

BBC Creative Future… (link) “The second wave of digital will be far more disruptive than the first and the foundations of traditional media will be swept away, taking us beyond broadcasting. The BBC needs a creative response to the amazing, bewildering, exciting and inspiring changes in both technology and expectations. “On-demand changes everything. It means…

Best SMS ever…

A friend just sent me the best sms ever… “Quick question: what is a universe?” Lovely.

Trivial Jargon

I often wonder quite how far the language of the Web (2.0 or not) must seem totally alien to everyone … this is a recent favourite excerpt from the “Haddock” site: BadgerFish David’s Ning-based web service and PHP code for turning any XML doc into JSON Thanks Yoz

Online video, 10 years in.

It’s about 10 years since people started getting serious about online video distribution. RealVideo launched in ’97 and there was certainly a lot of dot.i.ness about it. There was stuff bubbling away in the year leading up to it, and many people who have fallen by the wayside since. I remember trying to describe to…

Climate change noticed…

Expect a lot of interesting things to start on this very soon.,9171,1176980,00.html And, coming soon,

3D tag clouds (and up to 7D)

Tags are going n-dimensional… Ben (the new-look Ben) & Co have implemented a nice 3D tag system using 2 spatial dimensions and the 3rd with colour. Also have a look at the “schematic”/time-linked cross-tagging presented at the recent “technology 2.0” event. This helps pave the way for some nice n-dimensional data visualisation techniques: 3 spatial…

AOL/TW launch “broadband TV”

Yet another “first” … this time it’s AOL and Warner Bros. Launch In2TV – the First Broadband Television Network “In2TV begins to realize the true potential of Web-based TV by putting the viewer in charge of their own TV schedule online,” said Kevin Tsujihara, President, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group.” Glad they’ve caught up. Pity…


way to go Lee


Significant Hi-Fi geekery (hopefully my only such post) – ATC SCM100A’s – the Rolls Royce of loudspeakers (as used by BBC, Abbey Road and many of the best studios). This pair were bought from Presshouse Studios in Devon, where they’d been used by the likes of Jethro Tull and Portishead… I used an ATC setup…

Mr Cutler dies

It’s a sad day today … (bbc obituary) I’m glad I had the privilege of seeing him perform. Certainly one of the most influlential artists in my world.

Binary Dust review

A lovely review of “Binary Dust” by Steve Mayall at “It often seems as if digital music manufacturers compete to cram the most technology into the lightest, most tiny, pocket device. So it was refreshing to discover the latest musical release from avant-garde performer and new media veteran Gavin Starks: a musical rock. Starks,…


The HM Revenue & Customs site gets my award for the most confusing site(s) I’ve seen in a long time. compare this with this. Both take you into something to do with VAT and Tax, and may be tied to your Company or to you as an Individual, or both, in some way. And then…

CI turns it up

At CI, we turn it up to 11 ……………………………………………………..

BBC start multicasting

This is great news (the start of convergence at last): “The BBC & ITV intend to test the technical possibilities of streaming more of their TV channels via broadband. We intend to Multicast these. This should result in a higher quality viewer experience. We are running this technical trial to seek some feedback about…

Digital Identity Top 10

Went to Cory’s talk on yet more digital rights management attempts. Can’t help thinking that either (1) this will be far too complicated to create and market successfully or (2) if it works, we consumers deserve everything we get. I hope for (1) of course. The no2id folks are also doing sterling work – faxyo^D…

In the Guardian

Got a mention in the Guardian today with my CI hat on…,,1699518,00.html I said a lot more in my interview of course, like it’s an odd twist of tech history that at one end you’ve got studios pushing up to 192KHz 32-bit sample rates, the production of (doomed) “Super Audio” CDs, surround DVD’s and…

Poitiers presentation

Talk went ok. Dominique Proust was interesting – mapping the history of Music of the Spheres from Pythagoras to Kepler to Herschel, so I followed on nicely with my 21st Century “Music of the n-dimensional hypercube” His astronomy research also focussed on the Great Attractor, so he wants to use the Radio Cube sonification tool…

France :: Acoustic Cosmology

If you are near Poitier or Bourges next week you are very welcome to come along to a small festival of music and science.. I’ll be giving my first “Acoustic Cosmology” talk on Tuesday 30th in Poitier at 6pm, and then playing in Bourges on the 3rd Feb. Context of my presentation: “A conjoining of…

Rebranded CI launches

We just relaunched CI ( and with our new design, and started video delivery to iTunes for a dash of excitement. A nice start to 2006. Thanks to Adrian Philpott for the design.

Your information aura

Your information aura Your mobile phone changes the definition of who and what you are, and since everyone has them, changes the reality of humans as a species. Mobiles are treated as an essential, to be picked up as you leave a burning building with the same priority as your money and keys. As both…

Switzerland presentation

‘Space:Planetary Consciousness and the Arts‘ – 10th Workshop and Symposium Château d’Yverdon, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland (PDF 2MB)

Science Museum presentation…

Presented “Music and Astronomy” at the Dana Centre – Science Museum, London, UK As part of the Cybersonica “Symposium on Music and Science”, 2:30-3:45pm (also played ds2 series1)

“La France” concert

“La France”, private concert on the river Thames, London (UK) Played: Tempest, Joan of Arc, Absorptance, Glass, ds2 series1

Pirate Drugs – a different frontier….

tired: pirates of the carribean fired: pirate software/music/la la la hired: pirate drugs ref: pfizer “running out of money to fund new R&D” cost of R&D “spiraling out of control – destroying innovation” stockpiles of “out of date drugs in africa” with “huge pirate drugs companies in india” and “the impact of unregulated pirate drugs…

ResonanceFM presents…

Resonance FM (London (UK) radio) Played Absorptance, and ds2 series1 Here’s an example sound and image for the show

DEAF presentation

DEAF04: Affective Turbulence – Rotterdam (Netherlands) Biennial international festival for electronic art Played ds2 series1 Download Visual Presentation (PDF 2.4MB)

SPRAWL concert

SPRAWL: Underground playground – London (UK) Played: Tempest, Absorptance, ds2 series1

Dorkbot presents…

DORKBOT: People doing strange things with electricity – London (UK) Talked: Music and Astronomy Played: ds2 series1

Latvia performance

ACOUSTIC SPACE: RT32 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the conversion of the RT32 telescope at VIRAC, Riga & Irbene, Latvia. A collaboration between VIRAC, RIXC & r a d i o q u a l i a. ds2 series1 was written for this event

Archives of some things

Notes to aid my own memory Date Title 2004-03-29 BBC Charter Review feedback for WMF 2004-03-01 “Primer” on Internet Broadcasting for VET 2004-02-28 “EFF Response – Music Licensing” (hublog feedback) 2004-02-20 “To a scribe” ARCHIVE 1993-2003 2003-12-02 IMA Awards – Virgin Radio win 2003-01-01 Broadcast Engineering Article 2002-04-01 Streaming Handbook launches 2001-12-01 Radio Academy – Online Radio 2001-02-02 Communications…

“Broadcast Assassins” @ BBC

Invited speaker – “Broadcast Assassins” an internal BBC workshop for key managers Quite nice to be invited to, albiet by this time most people should have “got it”. Of course, walked straight into the room and met John Ousby…. should’ve known. (apparently I have two brains: “a word of thanks to … Gavin Starks, a man…

In response to…. BBC Charter

In response to [published in the proceedings from] Westminster Media Forum “BBC 2016 Charter Renewal” meeting 2004-02-25 at Millbank Tower. Inverting the Model Working at the junction between the macrocosms of broadcasting (TV and Radio) and the internet (everything) is always stimulating. You always have to assume that you know nothing about either. Both have…

Live-Demand: an introduction

Webcasting, Streaming, Digital Downloading and Broadcasting All these terms refer to the same thing: the ability to distribute media. Until recently, we’d been using TV, Radio broadcasting, CDs and tapes to distribute our media. The internet has changed all that: making receiving some music, TV and moveis as easy as sending an e-mail. People are…

In response to…. EFF

In response to Summary I remember this kind of idea coming from the utopian folks on the mailing lists a few years back – the kind of “it’ll all be alright if we just co-operate” scenario. Unfortunately, and I’m cynical having spent time embedded in the commercial side, I think it’s well off the…

To a scribe

To a scribe. Early adopters of the Internet were scribes. This is why we drown in text. Although around since pre-history, we evolved through our visual and aural cultures. Our Speech, Music, Photography, Video and Art combined outweigh our written word. Our past century gradually re-invented visual and aural tradition; cultured in a globalised petri-dish…

IMA Awards

IMA Awards – Virgin Radio win (again) This time I got to hand out the award, rather than helping them win.

Globalisation limits diversity…

Diveristy Stimuates Cultural Growth // Globalisation limits diversity. (note to self) There is no conceptual difference between cultural, social and biological diversity. Each is critical to the ongoing survival of a species. Entropy is self-evident. This is a basis for rejecting globalisation. Globalisation in any form. The biological analogy is the easiest to follow –…

Broadcast Engineering

Broadcast Engineering Article

Streaming Handbook

Streaming Handbook launches Amazon link Technology of Video and Audio Streaming (Paperback), by David Austerberry (fwd: Gavin Starks)

Radio Academy

Radio Academy – Online Radio Conference I was one of the speakers… quite interesting watching this industry evolve. Will be interesting to see when TV kicks in. PDF overview and interviews

Human Tamagochi

Human Tamagochi is a mass-market, consumer-controlled interactive TV format.

NAB Panel

Invited speaker on an NAB panel – with Real, MS and Apple My second NAB experience – only 111,000 delegates this time. And I still dont like Vegas.

Distributing Digital Music

Invited speaker at the Distributing Digital Music conference, London. Quite why anyone thinks they’ve got a grasp on this I don’t know. If only they knew…

Scientific American

Scientific American quotes me about, of all things, day-trading …. go figure.

d::gen launches

d::gen “launched” (although it existed inside some other sites from about 1997) – after I left, and just after setting up Tornado Productions. The first “travel blog” type project I did was in March 1999 when I went to China (and just as the term was coming into existence) Of course, it then took…

“Sound on the Web”

“Sound on the Web”, 3-part series, .Net magazine, Future Publishing I enjoyed doing this.

NAB – “Internet Broadcasting”

A major NAB presentation on “Internet Broadcasting” with CNN and ABC on the same session. I thoroughly confused the audience by trying to describe the interconnectness of future media business models in a digital age. Assisted by the fact that, since I was working at Virgin Net, I had nothing “flash to show (the other…

NVA Virtual World Orchestra

Webcaster of and contributor to NVA‘s amazing Virtual World Orchestra This was the first significant live event webcast for me (setting aside Virgin Radio, the V97 Festival and a bunch of nice but small things) with over 170 countries contributing to a massive “collaborative” event in the Glasgow Fruitmarket. Participants had their blood samples taken…

Hong Kong concert

ICMC Computer-music festival in Hong Kong. Premiered “Glass” in Hong Kong UST GLASS [8m08s] 1996 The French surrealist literary movement ‘ecriture automatique’ expressed the inner essence of objects in relation to our association with them; writing in a stream of conciousness. This piece was composed in a similar style, to depict the essence of glass….