Adventures in acoustic cosmology

6th July 2017

ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY PRESS RELEASE Adventures in acoustic cosmology RAS PR 17/30 (NAM 13) 3rd July 2017 A project that explores whether there is a musical equivalent to the curvature of spacetime will be presented on Thursday 6th July by Gavin Starks at the National Astronomy Meeting at the University of Hull. Starks, who has […]

The tweetable scientific method

27th February 2016

Reposting from my tweet: ■ Observe→Question→Hypothesise→Create tests →Test→Adapt→More tests→Generalise→Repeat↺ [The Tweetable Scientific Method]  

some themes emerging

2nd August 2015

Thinking about the sea and webcasting and music and long playing things and cosmology/topology and data Some interesting Venn diagrams emerging.

Possible futures?

8th May 2009

A Climate of Polarisation

28th January 2009

(copy of my post on the O’Reilly Radar) We’re all aware of the emotive language used to polarize the climate change debate. There are, however, deeper patterns which are repeated across science as it interfaces with politics and media. These patterns have always bothered me, but they’ve never been as “important” as now. We are […]

Archives of some things

29th March 2004

Notes to aid my own memory Date Title 2004-03-29 BBC Charter Review feedback for WMF 2004-03-01 “Primer” on Internet Broadcasting for VET 2004-02-28 “EFF Response – Music Licensing” (hublog feedback) 2004-02-20 “To a scribe” ARCHIVE 1993-2003 2003-12-02 IMA Awards – Virgin Radio win 2003-01-01 Broadcast Engineering Article 2002-04-01 Streaming Handbook launches 2001-12-01 Radio Academy – Online Radio 2001-02-02 Communications […]

Internet Music Survey

10th January 1993

Surveyed all the free digital signal processing (DSP) and music software available on the Internet. In those days you could – there were about 120 references to “music software” if you did an Archie search… Early days …. funny to think that years later it’d be so relevant.