some themes emerging

2nd August 2015

Thinking about the sea and webcasting and music and long playing things and cosmology/topology and data Some interesting Venn diagrams emerging.

Updated archives

8th May 2014

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here (Twitter still winning), but here’s a long overdue synopsis of some of the things my first startup, Tornado, created. I’ll be adding to this from time-to-time as I get in touch with some of the old team.

Webcasting radio = innovation

16th October 2010

A big shout out to RinseFM who just got their FM license [Guardian, Evening Standard]. This is the second station I’ve helped with streaming that’s ended up with an FM license (the first was Resonance FM). Having put Virgin Radio, Kiss FM and Classic FM streams online in the mid-90s, and then all of the […]

Archives of some things

29th March 2004

Notes to aid my own memory Date Title 2004-03-29 BBC Charter Review feedback for WMF 2004-03-01 “Primer” on Internet Broadcasting for VET 2004-02-28 “EFF Response – Music Licensing” (hublog feedback) 2004-02-20 “To a scribe” ARCHIVE 1993-2003 2003-12-02 IMA Awards – Virgin Radio win 2003-01-01 Broadcast Engineering Article 2002-04-01 Streaming Handbook launches 2001-12-01 Radio Academy – Online Radio 2001-02-02 Communications […]

“Broadcast Assassins” @ BBC

8th March 2004

Invited speaker – “Broadcast Assassins” an internal BBC workshop for key managers Quite nice to be invited to, albiet by this time most people should have “got it”. Of course, walked straight into the room and met John Ousby…. should’ve known. (apparently I have two brains: “a word of thanks to … Gavin Starks, a man […]

In response to…. BBC Charter

4th March 2004

In response to [published in the proceedings from] Westminster Media Forum “BBC 2016 Charter Renewal” meeting 2004-02-25 at Millbank Tower. Inverting the Model Working at the junction between the macrocosms of broadcasting (TV and Radio) and the internet (everything) is always stimulating. You always have to assume that you know nothing about either. Both have […]