Hello, I’m Gavin Starks. I’ve been combining technology, science, art, media, and business for over 20 years.


  • founding CEO of The Open Data Institute, a world-first created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Prof. Nigel Shadbolt
  • founder and board member of multi-award-winning AMEE, raising over $10m from leading international venture capital funds (O’Reilly, USV, and Amadeus)
  • board member of the GLA “Smart London” programme for smart cities
  • member of the UK Government’s Midata – “Energy Sector Board”, shaping open-data policy with utilities and consumer-rights groups
  • founding CEO Consolidated Independent to create the digital supply-chain for music, and become the market-leader in digital distribution in 3-years
  • founder-team member of Asset TV, a secure video network where investment professionals share information
  • founder of award-winning cross-media company, Tornado Productions (sold to a larger media group in 2003)
  • founder of dgen network, a cross-disciplinary consultancy that connects ideas and projects to experts
  • founder-team member and pioneer of streaming media in the UK and Europe from 1995 helping to set up Richard Branson’s “Virgin Net“, and the International Webcasting Association (IWA) in Europe
  • mentor to innovative UK startups in “Tech City” in web and space industries
  • invited speaker at innovation, open data, web, and cleantech/environmental events and conferences
  • have led projects with UK Govt, BBC, Channel Four, Rolls Royce, Tate Modern, Shell, Radiohead, and UNICEF


  • trustee of the Longplayer trust, helping to create a 1,000 year long music performance
  • co-founder of Hermitage Community Moorings, the first official residential harbour development on the Thames in 90 years
  • founder-team member of Global Cool, a charity tackling public communication and mitigation of climate change
  • founder of exequo, a non-profit streaming media company for the 3rd sector

Academic / Research

  • Music performed and research published and presented internationally (across 5 continents)
  • Contributor with the AmbientTV collective, the Acoustic Space Lab in Latvia, and Nesta/PAL workshops.

d::gen network ltd engages with a broad range of commercial and non-commercial projects, matching people to projects.


Gavin has a unique background in business, technology, science and media. Leading projects with organisations as diverse as the UK Government, Google, BBC, Shell and Unicef, he has broad and deep knowledge of how data can change the world, and has been building technology-platform businesses for over a decade.

He is the founding-CEO of The Open Data Institute, a world-first created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Prof. Nigel Shadbolt to unlock the value in open data.

He created AMEE in 2006 (and remains on its board), raising over $10m from world-class venture investors including O’Reilly, USV, and Amadeus. AMEE organises the world’s environmental data, standards, and calculations into a simple web-service. It works with governments, multi-nationals, SME’s, universities, and individuals to help them assess and address their environmental impact. In 2011 he joined the UK Government’s “Energy Sector Board” as part of their Midata open-data initiative.

Gavin began developing internet-based research tools in 1993, then in 1995 joined Branson’s award-winning Virgin Net (now Virgin Media) as the 5th team member, and helped to kick-start the streaming media industry in Europe. In 1999 he created award-winning media-technology service, Tornado, and sold it to a larger media group in 2003. He helped create the digital supply-chain as founding CEO of world-leading digital distributor, CI: the first company to deliver digital products to iTunes, and delivered Amazon US ~25% of its download store.

At the UK’s Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory he worked on systems designed to map and interpret the universe. He created courses and lectured in Engineering and Music at Glasgow University, and has degrees in Astronomy, and Electronic Music. He built a co-operative harbour on the Thames, where he now lives, as a musician has released his own album, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

You can follow Gavin @agentGav or http://dgen.net

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  3. Javier on December 7, 2014 at 12:09 am

    Hello Gavin,

    Do you do angel investments in start-ups? Around 20K in size? I am working on an initiative(www.Niru.in) I thought you might find interesting. Let me know and I can share more information.


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  5. Isobel Sernas on September 29, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. simon jackson on November 22, 2015 at 9:15 am

    having read the article ‘out of the box’ in the current issue of the economist, i am curious to see if i can do the simple maths test involving two probabilities that most british mps could not do.
    is it possible to let me have a link to the test?

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