Dgen is an emerging federated network of people and organisations that tackle a specific problems @web-scale.
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Dgen constellation overview 2017 07-25 from dgenhq


I’ve been working on/with the web, data, science, art, media, and creating new businesses for over 20 years. This has led me to create data-driven companies that have employed 100’s of people, delivered £100Ms in impact, and tackled everything from climate change to government transparency.

I’m driven by creating impact@web-scale: resolving issues that require the web-scale co-ordination of constituencies across the private and public sectors.

Things in orbit at the moment include the impact of the web on society and culture, data infrastructure, data-driven business models, shortening the path between innovation and policy, open banking, global supply-chain provenance, city-wide impact networks, addressing modern slavery, air pollution, open justice systems, and quantum computing…

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”, said The Economist. I disagree, it’s bigger than that.

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  3. Javier says:

    Hello Gavin,

    Do you do angel investments in start-ups? Around 20K in size? I am working on an initiative(www.Niru.in) I thought you might find interesting. Let me know and I can share more information.


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  5. simon jackson says:

    having read the article ‘out of the box’ in the current issue of the economist, i am curious to see if i can do the simple maths test involving two probabilities that most british mps could not do.
    is it possible to let me have a link to the test?