Public speaking


I present at public conferences and private meetings on topics such as the impact of data on society (covering the Data Spectrum and making sense of buzzwords such as ‘big data’, ‘blockchains’, ‘internet of things’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘personal data’, etc).

My talks cover the impact of data and the web: on businesses and governments; on the economy, environment and society; making clear the potential of new business models, government policy, startup innovation, standards and communications. Giving direct, practical examples from my personal experience in developing world-leading initiatives such as the Open Data Institute and the Open Banking Standard.

Audience feedback often highlights being inspired, learning something new, changing the way they perceived an issue, or developing a new idea or innovation that they would like to pursue.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please email

worldbank 041014_Talking_Data_125_F

I’m as comfortable being on stage with the President of the World Bank at their spring meeting (above)
or at the G8 (below), as I am in front of a room of C-Suite executives, as I am at a hacker gathering defining new standards, or an arts festival talking about the intersection of astrophysics, music and algorithms.


I’ve been recognised as one of the most influential people in data: winning awards for innovation and expertiseMy biog is here.

Examples of public talks and interviews

Reuters on the Road: open data, business, universities and government

Providing evident to the UK Government select committee on the impact of ‘big data’

Hosting the Open Data Institute Summit at the BFI, London

Interview at Strata London 2012 following my talk

TEDxEast 2010: Codifying sustainability. Open environmental data to tackle climate change.

(thanks to the TEDxNY team for choosing the one still frame where I’m sticking out my tongue)

Presenting at the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) 2017 National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) on acoustic cosmology

Gavin at NAM RAS