21st March 2008

Interesting convergences:…/global_threat_multiplier “…calls for an integrated response to climate change and the wealth-poverty divide.” “A government study has finally acknowledged that making data free will be good for the economy, but the campaign still has a long way to go” “As the world’s largest encyclopedia is launched, the capacity of online collaboration […]

RIP Arthur C. Clarke

19th March 2008

Sad news today. Clarke‘s three laws; 1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. 2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into […]

Library of Congress on Flickr

16th March 2008

This is very promising – the Library of Congress is starting to add its archives to Flickr “The real magic comes when the power of the … community takes over. We want people to tag, comment and make notes on the images … which will benefit not only the community but also the collections themselves. […]

Solitary / Human Tamagochi

16th March 2008

I was hoping that I was being ridiculous when creating the “ultimate reality TV show format” – Human Tamagochi – in 2001… but apparently Fox TV thinks it’s a good idea. According to Boing Boing and Mother Jones As part of the “Torture Hits Home” package in the new issue of Mother Jones, Michael Mechanic […]

Amazing video site

13th March 2008

This is great (GB) || awesome (US); “PAD.MA is an online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not finished films. The entire collection is searchable and viewable online, and is free to download for non- commercial use.” The video timeline can be annotated with a lot of metadata. Tech stats: Built with […]

Speaking at ETech and SXSW

4th March 2008

AMEE is in the USA (California and Texas) from 2nd – 13th March. I’m presenting at 1) ETech talk (8:45am Thursday, 6th March 2008, Marina Ballroom D) 2) SXSW panel (3:30-4:30pm Tuesday, 11th March 2008). If you would like to meet, please get in touch.

CI shortlisted for “Distributor of the Year”

27th February 2008

CI (of which I’m a Director) has been shortlisted for the Music Week Award “Distributor of the Year”. It’s a giant shift in perception that we’re even being considered, and certainly the fact we delivered ~20% of Amazon’s US download store is a catalyst. CI’s digital distribution service model /has set/continues to set/ standards in […]

Our instinct to work as a group

15th February 2008

From TED Talks: Howard Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action — and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. As he points out, humans have been banding together to work collectively since our days of hunting mastodons. I also […]

Crazy week

6th February 2008

Set course for 2008…. I’ve blanked out the specifics, but each blue box is a meeting… it’s going to be a busy year.

EDF rewards customers for using less fuel

6th February 2008

EDF are providing bonus schemes to customers if they provide easier access to their data (fuel consumption), and then additional bonuses if they reduce consumption. Its a good stop-gap until smart-meters kick in and, of course, something that AMEE already supports. Here’s how it works * EDF email you 10 days before your quarterly bill […]

Arctic could be “Ice Free” in 5 years

12th December 2007

“latest modelling studies indicate northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers within just 5-6 years.” [BBC] This is following the trends of most of the research I’ve been following, and it’s more than alarming. It’s based on 1979-2004 data – in other words, NOT including the low-point of this year. This research is from […]

Google has launched an AMEE-based gadget

31st October 2007

I’m obviously very, very happy about this. When we first began our AMEE journey, we thought it would be perfect if we could get buy in from Government and very large web organisations; that doing so could help establish a new set of principles and possibly new kinds of “market” around Climate Change. Google brings […]

Web 0.0 – the zero-energy web?

24th September 2007

Just an idea… Web 0.0 — the zero-emission Internet? The zero-energy web. The zero-emission Internet. The zero-net. “I go all the way to zero” Apparently the internet accounts for about 3% of energy consumption in the USA.

Sea ice – loss rate increasing again this month

7th September 2007

Further to my last summary on the lowest ever sea ice measurement, things are not getting any better; (source: “Compared to conditions cited in our last entry, we have lost an additional 360,000 square kilometers (138,000 square miles) of ice, an area larger than the size of the state of New Mexico. We noted […]

Jodrell Bank, 50 years on …

28th August 2007

This year is the 50th anniversary of Jodrell Bank. Today is also a landmark day for Jodrell Bank – the whole science team are moving from on-site, to Manchester University. While this is probably very practical, I can’t help feeling sad that this unique and historic research establishment is dramatically shifting its identity. I worked […]

Sea ice – lowest ever measured

19th August 2007

On 17th Aug 2007, Arctic sea ice surpassed the previous single-day (absolute minimum) record for the lowest extent ever measured by satellite. NSIDC is now tracking changes on at least a weekly basis… (Source: The following images represent the change quite profoundly. (source: RealClimate)

BBC iPlayer – strategic errors

12th August 2007

I’ve now had a chance to download, try and then, unfortunately un-install the BBC iPlayer. There’s already a lot of commentary about the use of Windows Media DRM so I won’t labour the cross-platform issues (anyway, the use of DRM is never actually about technology – if it worked, and if it was really easy, […]

Energy consumption debunktion

5th August 2007

Kind of what you’d expect from the Media, but it’s still saddening to see. .. it’s like much of the climate change backlash and genuine general confusion: “let’s just say it’s all greenwash, let’s debunk everything, find the flaws, but at all costs avoid the presentation of any actual solutions. And Heaven forbid that […]

BBC iPlayer

27th July 2007

As we near the launch there are some great pieces starting to hit the wire… Currybet start with this great set of predictions, of which I’d love to see more – then follows up with an interesting commentary on the DRM debate. In a nutshell, my opinion for the last decade has been; DRM has […]

MySociety win New Statesman awards (again)

25th July 2007

More congrat’s to MySociety on their continuous setting of the bar on social engagement – this is the 3rd year they’ve won the Civic Society award. They’re a tough bunch to beat, what with their great ideas and obsessive dedication – now, who’s going to start competing with them? At the ceremony last night we […]

Level3 acquires Servecast for £22m

20th July 2007

I sold my streaming media company, Tornado, to Servecast in 2003 in a cash deal.  At the time Tornado had doubled its revenues year-on-year since 1999. For a variety of reasons, we sold at what was probably the low point of the whole market. This cash deal of £22m is based on just £2.5m revenues […]

Petrol consumption

19th July 2007

Courtesy of The Economist (click for hi-res). The USA is the number one for petrol consumption at just under 1.4 billion liters a day.

Live Earth

7th July 2007

Live Earth is live. I’m wondering what it’d be like if it’d been held by Global Cool instead of Al Gore… my weekend would certainly have been a bit more stressful for a start – the original reason GC hired me was to put together a webcast “not dissimilar” to Live Earth, but GC didn’t […]

Secret Bush Campaign To Deny Global Warming

23rd June 2007

Excerpt from Rolling Stone “… To direct the White House’s spin on global warming, Connaughton appointed Philip Cooney as his top deputy. Cooney had the right experience for the job: He worked as “climate team leader” for the American Petroleum Institute. In 1998, the API took part in an industry coalition that created the “Global […]

Google joins The Climate Group

19th June 2007

Great news – Google commits to go Carbon Neutral by 2008 – a very aggressive timeframe indeed. “This is just a start,” Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive of Google, said in The Climate Group release. “We are actively looking for more opportunities to help tackle climate change.” Reuters and The Climate Group

Government launches Act On CO2 campaign with AMEE

17th June 2007

Hopefully the last cross-post between the AMEE blog and this one… it’s launching this week. AMEE Press Area

AMEE blog now live

11th June 2007

AMEE now has her own blog. Please subscribe and help move us forward.

GLA takes bold steps on climate change

7th June 2007

This is great, another “hat’s off” to the Climate Group, and the Greater London Authority. DIY Planet Repairs is a public information campaign calling on Londoners to reduce their carbon emissions by making six simple changes to their lifestyles. Amongst their campaigns, although a bit buried in the website is a green Concierge service … […]

Fantastic visualisations

27th May 2007

This is a great set of visualisations – would be great to see the originals (which are 10 foot wide) For example, “Depicts 11,000 jet trails, equal to the number of commercial flights in the US every eight hours. ” And here’s a detail

U.S. Rejects G-8 Climate Proposal

26th May 2007

As reported by the Washington Post “President Bush has consistently called for the development of advanced technology to help meet the country’s energy needs and cut global-warming pollution without imposing a mandatory cap on emissions. ” Not content with disagreeing that any form of limits should be placed, they don’t even accept the UN as […]

2 billion tonne iceberg on the move

22nd May 2007

From the BBC “… according to Dr Copland, the fact that such thick ice could split apart in less than an hour – as it did back in August 2005 – illustrates a more alarming point. “This shows how climate change can trigger very sudden changes even on a massive scale – when the ice […]

Amee – preview launch

17th May 2007

We just launched Amee – a framework for collaborative campaigning on Climate Change. It’s an API on CO2 data and calculations, and for CO2 Footprint profiling. It’s designed to be used by as many campaigns and initiatives as possilbe. Immense thanks go to the team for a huge amount of effort and dedication to create […]

News Corporation go Carbon Neurtal

10th May 2007

” The company’s goals are to reduce its operations’ carbon emissions significantly and to engage its 47,000 employees and its millions of readers, viewers and web users around the world on this issue. All News Corporation business units will become carbon neutral by 2010 … (and has joined The Climate Group).” (Yahoo News)

d::gen is hiring

2nd May 2007

If you’d like to get involved, have a look ℵhere.

UK Government launches new CO2 initiatives

23rd April 2007

This is very important news “A major new campaign that aims to help individuals cut their personal CO2 emissions has today been backed by Prime Minister Tony Blair and Environment Secretary David Miliband.” More on this soon…

CI is hiring

4th April 2007

Greenpeace update electronics guide

3rd April 2007

Apple still at the bottom. Nokia still high. When you look at the production volumes of these products (in the 100 millions), a 1 gramme reduction of a toxic elements has a substantial impact. It’d be great to have this for not only every company, but every product …

EMI and iTunes ditch DRM

2nd April 2007

at. last. Of course, all CI’s clients already sell non-DRM’d music…

Reducing co2 at home

17th March 2007

The new UK policy regarding profiling the energy efficiency of your home as part of its sale will help reduce the UK’s co2 profile. For example, there are still 10 million homes without cavity wall insulation, and 1 million with no loft insulation (via Here’s an interesting visualisation…

David Milliband responds to Channel Four

15th March 2007

On The Great Global Warming Swindle. “There will always be people with conspiracy theories trying to do down the scientific consensus, and that is part of scientific and democratic debate, but the science of climate change looks like fact to me. If the effect of the programme, instead of making people think, is in fact […]

co2 reductions become a legal requirement

13th March 2007

This is a huge step forward. “The government has unveiled plans to set a “legally binding” target to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050.” Plans include: # Targets to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 and between 26% and 32% by 2020 # Greater energy efficiency, with more consumers becoming “producers” of their […]

C4 doc “grossly distorted” participants

11th March 2007

Not entirely sure what Channel Four thinks it was doing, but this helps clear it up… “the channel – is facing a serious challenge to its own credibility after one of the most distinguished scientists that it featured said his views had been “grossly distorted” by the film, and made it clear that he believed […]

O’Reilly Energy Innovation Conference

25th February 2007

This should be a very interesting conference… “The O’Reilly Energy Innovation Conference frames the ideas, projects, and technologies that are being invented and tested right now into a coherent picture… [we’re] pulling together people from all these overlapping fields” On thing we need to do is crack the “IP packet” model for electricity distribution […]

Climate Change re-re-confirmed, now it’s up to you

3rd February 2007

So no one should have any doubts left. Really. There can be no reason to not act. I’m only linking to the Guardian story, but you’ll see this on all the main news sources today. It’s not pleasant reading. In fact it’s terrifying, but the important thing is that you must change. 20-50% of land […]

Climate change – humans 90% likely cause

1st February 2007

From BBC “Climatic changes seen around the world are “very likely” to have a human cause, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will conclude. By “very likely”, the IPCC means greater than 90% probability. This is a stronger position than the global organisation took in its last major report in 2001.” While “90% likely” […]

Global Cool at Number 10

1st February 2007

Global Cool at Number 10: transcript Blair, “I think this is just a wonderful initiative that I hope will inspire people the world over. It is a big ask, mind you, to get a billion – it is a billion, isn’t it? – to sign up to making a change in their own lives. And […]

Global Cool launches

30th January 2007

So, today is the official Global Cool launch day. Expect a fair bit of coverage tomorrow in the UK and USA. Here’s some coverage that’s already out there: PR Newswire The Sun Yahoo UK and USA However, one important correction – Yahoo is correct when it says “[Global Cool] is being funded by a consortium […]

Global Cool v0.3

29th January 2007

We’ve launched v0.3 of the site, with an all-new carbon calculator with more valid and traceable calculations and tied into both your user profile, and the donation system. This is still the “lite” version, but gives an idea of where we’re going… one step at a time. As usual, thank you’s go out to the […]

Global Cool bubbling

29th January 2007

Some interesting pieces coming out now… On the CEO, Julian Knight, in the Telegraph. On some of the media relationships… Satellite Party: Aspen Times Hollywood (Orlando Bloom) and Music (Coldplay, Scissor Sisters) in The Guardian KT Tunstall: The Daily Record More coming soon…!

A capitalist dilemma

26th January 2007

Hello from San Francisco, meanwhile, in The Guardian… “The really chilling thing about the IPCC report is that it is the work of several thousand climate experts who have widely differing views about how greenhouse gases will have their effect. … Only points that were considered indisputable survived this process. This is a very conservative […]

We have 5 minutes to save the planet…

20th January 2007

The Doomsday clock has been moved forward 2 minutes, to 5 to 12, one of the reasons cited being climate change… “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock conveys how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction–the figurative midnight–and monitors the means humankind could use to obliterate itself. First and foremost, these include nuclear weapons, […]

Carbon Offsetting moves forward

18th January 2007

Very exciting times – quotes from this BBC article ‘The UK government is to define criteria for carbon offsetting schemes to bring “greater clarity” to the industry. … The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) will name four providers that already meet the criteria, including Pure, Global Cool, Equiclimate and Carbon Offsets.’ This […]

Climate 2.0

15th January 2007

After months/years of R&D, some questions to be addressed and actioned over the next few weeks. Assume; 1) We are past the tipping point of social awareness 2) Everyone (at least in the UK) has already “changed their lightbulbs” (mentally if not physically) 3) The campaigners (old and new) of the last 20+ years get […]

Ipix goes away…

14th January 2007

Amazing it took so long really. I did some photography work with them in the late 90s in return for kit and free software/keys/etc. We also made some 360 degree video in 2000 (I need to dig that out sometime as it was quite cool) They could have been great if they’d not sought to […]

Einstein at least 99.95% right

7th January 2007

Announced late last year, but I only just noticed, “An international research team led by Prof. Michael Kramer of the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK, has used three years of observations of the “double pulsar”, a unique pair of natural stellar clocks which they discovered in 2003, to prove that Einstein’s theory of […]

On Demand, post-mid-collision…

7th January 2007

Thanks to Tom for reminding me that I’d forgotten to comment on BBC Director-General, Mark Thomson’s, Royal Television Society Baird lecture “BBC 2.0: why on demand changes everything” – Probably because I was shocked to hear unicast, multicast, p2p, drag-and-drop TV and the Creative Archive all mentioned in the same talk and used as common […]

Telegraph article on Global Cool

3rd January 2007

One prominent fund manager, said: “Trying to distort the price of carbon credits shows sheer cheek, but they’ll have to get billions in donations to do that. The carbon credit market is worth more than £90 billion. But good luck to them.” Telegraph link

MySociety rules…

21st December 2006

Congratulations to the MySociety team for their work and multiple-recognition in the Guardian’s Top 100 Most Useful websites. It’s incredible what such a small, dedicated team can do. Theyworkforyou Publicwhip HearfromyourMP and, of course, Pledgebank Their xmas bash was lovely too. I’m sure many in government must also be thinking “those pesky kids”…

Cooltube v0.1 launches

15th December 2006

Not to be confused with 1980s UK TV show “The Tube“, or the London Underground, we just launched With lots more content to come.


11th December 2006

Quite heavy reading, but very, very good; “The Global Carbon Cycle” (Amazon link) has a great selection of research papers covering most areas from anthropogenic CO2 cycles in the Oceans to regional Carbon-flow based on global trade (e.g. did you know 174 billion tons of paper were Exported globally in Y2000? – that’s a lot […]

Global Cool v0.2

5th December 2006

So, we just launched the next iteration of Global Cool – a combination of a more funky redesign, the launch of donation system, and most importantly, the launch of the Global Cool Tonne (“A Tonne of Cool”)… Thanks to Andy, Naresh, Dave, Ralph, Matt, Ryan, Jenny, Anna, Adrian, Chris, Joel, Dig, Marcus and Paul. Donations […]

Climate Change – another step closer

27th November 2006

Following my presentation at Eurofoo on 19th Sept 2006, things have been moving along in “interesting ways”. It’s always frustrating not having enough time and wading through a lot of politics/copyright/etc, but we’re getting very close to making our first proper announcements (watch this space). There’s going to be a huge amount of activity over […]

On that whole YouTube thing.

11th October 2006

Having watched this unfold since the beginning I’ve been trying to not post anything until YouTube announced who the buyer was. Now we know it’s Google, and the amount (£883m). I have to say I’m surprised (like some thougthful others), depressed by the inevitability of a company being shaped by its message to the markets […]

Open Government gets opened a bit more

5th October 2006

those chaps at MySociety have just gone and done it again… brilliant stuff.

Branson changes direction

21st September 2006

Amazing turnaround from my old employer (I was part of the Virgin Net startup team) …. Today: Last year (almost to the day): This is the scale of change to expect over the coming months and years. The world is changing, but we still have lots to do.

“activist capitalism”

12th September 2006

I’ll explain more soon, but just wanted to capture the phrase I’m now using to describe what I think we are building.

Global Cool launches

28th July 2006

wow. we did it. we built and launched it on time. to the minute, as they walked off stage… It finally (soft/beta) launched with a couple of “people of fame” (Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth). After years of planning, we ended up getting the funding “weeks” ago and built everything online in 4 weeks from […]

Monitoring global temperature with servers

24th July 2006

We had a power outage in our area today, taking out our office… (following on from yesterday’s outage in Marylebone that took out Level3 in the UK – in the USA MySpace was also taken out by the heat – this is a little concerning!). One fascinating thing though – the temperature graphs on our […]

A spot of colour

15th July 2006

An amazing spot of blue in a hot dry landscape – Qatar.


12th July 2006

finally got around to watching the insane, dangerously irresponsible video that is “they call it polution we call it life” the mind boggles (and it’s real More depressingly, they are advocating a level ignorance that I think is criminal. This guy even seems proud to be listed as ‘ one of six “Misleaders