Day 6 : Tak
Weeding. Not very practical in the place we were given - I'm sure the weeds will be back there next week: then again public image is much of our mission. My room mate, Tak (above), is one of those people who make the Earth a richer place to live in: completely open, giving and kind. Incredibly enthusiastic, strong and willing to help. He is Japanese and is teaching me some basic Chinese while he learns it himself. Not sure how my pronunciation will be in pseudo Japanese-Chinese. Tak has been my official taster since I arrived. Being vegetarian in China is not hard because of the lack of food, but identifying it can be hard. Oh, and he's a senior Maths Professor in Japan. In the evening I introduce everyone to Scottish country dancing. Marcella (Czech) also taught Polka, but it's fair to say Scotland's dances are much more enjoyable ;)