Day 9 : Pressure
Some days you have to adjust your perspective. Pressure cookers are fascinating things, particularly if they are described to you in great detail, in a language you have no understanding of. I'll let you know how the food tastes in the "Beautiful elegant science". Huge lunch. Quick interview at a 500 year old school then a visit to Panxi Middle School where a rapturous welcome and show from the students completely bowled us over. The 1200 students had never seen a foreigner before so were very excited to see us. This was maybe not so appreciated by the three Buddist monks living in a temple built into the side of the hill which we happily invaded. Being a student here would not be my choice: a 7am - 8pm day, living in the school, with very little time for 'self', the dormitories are locked during the day. Next to our accommodation is a seedy looking disco where we boogie the night away.