Turning positive social, environmental and economic impact into business as usual.

We help countries, sectors and organisations design data infrastructure that is fit-for-purpose for the 21st century.

Data is a foundational part of our economy, society and environment — we are becoming a data-driven world. However the rules, principles and practice are not yet fit-for-purpose: data flow across businesses, governments and society are creating huge value and causing harms.

We don’t yet have all the answers, we do have some strong compass points and we are working together to address the opportunities and challenges of shared data at-scale.

Our work covers many areas, including the development of principles, practice and standards that span:

  • Rights
  • Liability models
  • Dispute resolution and redress
  • Consent
  • Security
  • Legal frameworks
  • Usability
  • Logistics
  • Technology architecture
  • Operating principles

Dgen is a global Constellation of over 80 experts that have been creating and leading businesses for over 20 years. We bring together the private and public sectors to address individual and commercial, community and social needs.

We bring together the web, finance, communications, policy, data, science, the environment, design, art and media. We have catalysed the creation of dozens of companies, the employment of 100’s of people, and £100Ms in measurable impact, and helped to instigate $multi-billion markets. Working together, we have tackled complex challenges ranging from climate change to government transparency; digital supply-chains to open banking.

Harnessing the power of people and machines (aka ‘collective intelligence’), we create positive impact@web-scale on issues that require the coordination of multidisciplinary teams across private, public and third sectors.

Current projects include Open Finance (including Open Banking), Open Energy, Open Environment and Open Culture.

We help to frame, define and instrument the data infrastructure strategies of countries, cities and sectors.

Constellations turn positive social, environmental and economic impact into business as usual.


Founded in 1999, Dgen.net is a decentralised network for the digital generation.

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