Your information aura

Your information aura

Your mobile phone changes the definition of who and what you are, and since everyone has them, changes the reality of humans as a species.

Mobiles are treated as an essential, to be picked up as you leave a burning building with the same priority as your money and keys.

As both a receiver and a transmitter, you now posess a device that extends your personal information space. At optical and infrared wavelengths, humans are fairly contained. Speech is a localised pressure wave of very low intensity. Our biological electrical capacity is relatively weak.

Bluetooth, wifi and mobile voice calls are all made at Radio wavelengths.

An alien species coming to earth and looking at methods of communication would now see a very different ‘peak’ in our energy emissions from those of 10 years ago. Perhaps they would attempt to communicate with us only using Radio?

Our localised Radio energy distribution also carries information about our personal identiy, our location, and will increasingly contain other data – our connectedness to others, our financial status, our health, our DNA fingerprint. At this point our Radio information cloud is more analogous to an Information Aura, comprising a level of information about our self that is manifested outside our physical body but in a localised transmission area.

Audio Graffiti
Looking at my audio graffiti project, one application is to provide a localised connectedness to your immediate physical space. Rather than globalised communication (which is easy) it seems harder now to create interwoven communications mechanisms that are only applicable to your locality.

Acoustic cosmology
Connectedness is a fundamental principle of cosmology. In defining a metaphysical link between our physical, digital and electromagnetic spaces, and combining this with a broader perception of the structure of the universal space that we inhabit, we reach a new level of disintermediation.
More coming on this connection soon…