Not at all pleased about this…

Blogs are very useful to gratuitously vent one’s disappointments out into the Ether…

Dear Bicycle Thieves,

As a thief you’ll never consider that you are taking peoples belongings, not just “objects” to convert into cash.

I don’t even consider myself particularly materialistic, but I did love my bike.

You’ve not made me angry – you’ve made me sad. The amount of inconvenience you’ve just caused me is huge.

The bicycle is my main mode of transport – I don’t own a car (never have).

If I could give you the cash that you’ll no doubt make from selling it, I would – it’s worth that much to me. In fact if anyone does help return it in good order, I’ll offer a £100 (no-questions asked) reward.

I love cycling. My bike was fabulous to ride. Very comfortable, light, strong. Front-suspension.

It had a beautiful form and I loved the colour. It weighed under 9kg.

I bought it last year for a substantial sum – £900. I bought my last bike in 1993 so this was a big update (I was lucky enough to have saved enough to afford it at the time).

Of course, I don’t have insurance. Why? Well – at £110/year plus the most ridiculous restrictions on what constitutes a claim makes it wholly unrealistic for anyone who actually rides a bike. At least I know I had a good lock – you had to remove the steel fixings from the brick wall that I was tied to and take the lot. Looking at the Terms of some of the insurers I don’t think this would even have been fully covered.

I have the bike shop searching for another, but they don’t make this one any more – Koga are based in Holland.

A Koga Miyata Terraliner with carbon wheels. Whoever ends up with it will be quite noticeable.

Stolen Koga Miyata TerraLiner
Stolen Koga Miyata TerraLiner
Model Year 2006
Frame Seamlessly welded aluminum 7005

19″ (48.2cm)

Frame Number: H5110063

Fork Insync Odesa Mag CR, 198 700C 1-1/8 “, 45mm travel, lock out, no thread!
Brake lever Shimano Deore LX
Circuit Shimano Deore LX
Gear Shimano Deore LX
Derailleur Shimano Deore LX
Colors Aluminum paint / Steel Grey / Aluminum paint (Silk)
Rims Shimano WH-T565
Tire Schwalbe Racing Ralph 35-622
Crankset Shimano Deore LX 44-32 22T-
Saddle Shimano WH-T565
Seat pillar Koga aluminum
Handlebars Ritchey Pro Mountain Straight
Handles Ritchey WCS Foam
Rate Ritchey Zero Pro Road A-head industrial bearing 1-1/8 “
Pedals Shimano PD-M324