Founder, startup and investor support

About you

If you are a founder, or looking to support a founder in your portfolio, to:

  • build a strong and investable business case for the business, its clients and potential investors;
  • create the right culture and conditions for multidisciplinary innovation;
  • navigate how to create, plan and deliver the business;
  • explore constraints  (e.g. tech vs legal vs commercial) to identify sources of value;
  • get the most out of leaderships, boards and delivery teams;
  • connect with tech, business, government and investor communities across sectors;
  • work out which 95 things to not do, and how to focus on the 5 things you should,

we can bring our experience to your challenges, and help navigate the ups and downs of delivering the thing you are passionate about.

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About us

In the Dgen Constellation  we have dozens of experts who can help you: from finance to development, marketing to HR, research to investment.

Gavin has been working with the web, data, science, art, media, and creating new businesses for over 20 years. He’s created over 10 companies, employed 100’s of people, raised over £30M ($40M) to support them, generated tens of £M’s in sales, and delivered £100M’s in impact. He’s also incubated and catalysed the development of many dozens more by creating an incubator and innovation challenges.

We are currently helping a number of startups (as non-exec director or advisor), some larger businesses (in fintech, environment, media and with incubators/accelerators), charities (environment) and governments (in three continents) to develop their innovation strategies.

Our best reference is for you to speak to the companies themselves.

“Amazing!”, Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEO, Cupclub

How it works

Ideally you’ll be based in London, so we can meet face to face easily. However, we’re increasingly working on international projects (Europe, North America and Asia), so online+planes are an option.

Typically things work best if we meet for a coffee and see where you most need support and, if there’s value, engage in weekly meetings for at least a year (based on an ongoing monthly agreement for a fee, options or both). We’re looking to grow a network in this area of  ~10 organisations that are aligned with large-scale economic, social and environmental impact.

Email Gavin at or ping on LinkedIn if you’re interested.