Well now, I went to China. Not for a holiday, not for work, more like something inbetween.

I did some voluntary work for UNAIYS*: cultural exchange, visiting schools, environmental work - you get the picture. I did this site to relate the things I saw, heard and did, daily. From a township seven hours South of Shanghai. Using a mobile phone. And a kind of tiny laptop. It sort of worked.

I took a lot of pictures (about 750) - you can see most of them via this website. To add to the experience, some of the pictures use IPIX technology (which is a rather neat way of capturing 360 degree photos).

I had a great time, so did everyone else - the project, country and people were great. I thoroughly recommend the experience, and if you think it might be of interest to you, I hope these pages will show you how obvious it is that you should just do it.

If you have any questions, just e-mail me

I still get e-mail from the original team, other volunteers, from interested people and students looking to get involved with similar projects, so don't be a stranger.

*The United Nations Association International Youth Service (UNAIYS) organises projects all over the world to help build multi-cultural understanding, and actually achieve something useful in local communities. All the projects are funded by the volunteers themselves and wouldn't otherwise happen.

***NOTE: The UNAIYS organisation is now called the UNAexchange***