Project description from China
This is the letter from the ACYF describing the project.

Xian Du International Young Volunteers Workcamp on Culture and the Environmental Protection

Time: 1st - 10th April, 1999

Where: Xiandu Township, Jinyun county, Zhejiang province, China

Who: 25 volunteers including 15 International volunteers and 10 locals. There will also be more than 100 young local volunteers as part-time members.

Working Language: English

Age: Above 18 years old

International volunteers are supposed to be able to teach students English for one day or two, therefore a good English level and high motivation will be very much welcomed. There will be parties with local youths and student, so we would like to suggest that volunteers prepare some performances to present their own culture.

Xiandu township is a state-level beauty spot which is covered with natural scenery and lush green vegetation. However, part of the natural environment has been destroyed in recent years, leading to reduction in green vegetation. Youths from different Nations can join hands in improving the local forestation situation, environmental protection and sustainable development through public good work during the Xiandu International Workcamp. Meanwhile, volunteers can enhance mutual understanding and friendship through exchanges on culture and the experience of voluntary service.

Working Introduction
The camp is composed of two parts: labour work and cultural exchange. The first part is to do public good work including trees planting, road signs installation, public facilities renovation in the natural scenic spots and improve local peoples consiousness on sustainable development. Voluntary service with more than 100 volunteers will be organised to do public work including reforestation, rennovation etc. The second part is to enhance exchanges between youths of different countries through visiting schools, enterprises and excursions to natural scenery, to improve local teachers and students oral English ability level by communicating with them, to deepen friendship and understanding amoun youths by holding discussion and parties.

International volunteers is expected to arrive in Shanghai city on March 31th and go to the Xiandu Workcamp location by train on April 1st; All-China Youth Federation will be in charge of the transportation in China.

Participant should pay 200 USD as registration fee for each (including the cost of meals, accomodation, transportation, working tools etc). Participants should also pay their international travel costs and their insurance.

We recommend all participants to carry health and travel insurance.

It is between 15 to 25 Degrees Centigrade in Jinyun county in early April, and it is humid and rainy. Participants are suggested to bring with them clothes and necessities accordingly, yet sleeping bag is unnecessary.

All participants should obtain an entry visa before travelling to China. This may be acquired from the Chinese Embassy and consulate with the invitation letter of ACYF.

Camp facilities
Post Service: The full service post office in Shanghai and Jinyun county will provide you with postcards, stamps, envelops and international phone calls and facsimiles.
Meals: China is famous for its "Food Culture" which will absolutely surprise and attract participants. You will be proud when you can use chopsticks professionally to get any dish you want. Any participant who is vegetarian or has special dietary needs, please inform us.
Shopping: You can find many kinds of souvenirs reflecting Chinese tradition and culture for your family and friends both in Shanghai and Zhejiang province. Zhejiang is especially famous for its handicrafts.
Medical care: Medicine for ordinary illness will be provided, yet if you are on special medical treatment or have allergy, please remember to bring the necessary medicing.
Games and Music: Traditional Chinese games both indoor and outdoor are prepared, as well as folk songs. in order to make their counrties well understood, international volunteers could bring with them the typical things of their countries.
The voltage in China is 220 volts.

We are planning on going trips that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the tallest stalagmite of the world. The camp location is only a few hours train to Shanghai, the largest city and modern city of China; Nanjing, which enjoys the fame as an old capital of China; "West Lake" which is generally regarded as the best lake of China.