Music and Sounds

I did a small amount of recording (directly onto the laptop) as I wandered around. Here are some clips:

Banana man Banana seller, pushing his barrow through the streets. [listen]
Ceremonial Drum Ceremonial Drum.
Ceremonial gong Ceremonial gong.
Ceremonial music Ceremonial music for the Emperor.
Ceremonial music Ceremonial music for the Emperor, with Firecrackers.
Graeme's music Graeme singing rousing songs. [listen]
Katinka Katinka's poem about Aya. [listen]
school kids reading Primary school kids reading. [listen]
Bus On the bus. [listen]
Garden Buskers in the Chinese garden. [listen]

I also took some CDs, just in case there was no good stuff there. Just as well really, as the club next door only seemed to have 3 CDs. I also taught everyone some Scottish dancing.

Here's a selection of tunes from everyone:

Dashing White Sergent, Scottish Dance. Played by the Riverside Ceilidh Band, from the Riverside club where I've enjoyed many a night jumping about.

Blow provided some dancey beats.

Afro Celt Sound System was enjoyed by all.