d::gen network ltd engages with a broad range of projects.

These often involve strategic consultancy, internet architecture, business strategy, communications, production and/or software development.

We only choose to work on projects we really love.

Projects include:

:: Concept, architecture, build and operation of http://www.dgen.net/amee/

:: Strategic consultancy (internet), design, build and operation of http://www.global-cool.com/

:: Strategic consultancy (broadband video) for ITV, Hi8us, Film London and CIDA

:: Strategic consultancy (broadband video), build and operation of AssetTV's UK-wide IPTV network

:: Digital Distribution for Big Picture TV, TogetherTV (Christian Aid), ResonanceFM and IFIwatchTV

:: Digital Distribution for the multi-award-winning Soundjunction for the Associated Board of
the Royal Schools of Music and Culture Online

:: Production of the award-winning Glastonbury Festival official webcasts
(2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) --- for Playlouder, Freeserve and the BBC

:: Production of Reading Festival (filming, sound, lighting and webcast) for AOL

:: Production of The Radio Academy Awards official webcast

:: Technical Development for World Radio Network

:: Concept, architecture, build, operation and nurturing of Exequo.org

:: Production of electronic music (composition and performance)

Contact for more details.